MCE is unique in bringing together developers, designers, managers, influencers and tech creators.

Networking is a super important part of the whole experience and we want to make it as cool and fun as possible.

After party

The party will take place after the first day. It involves good music, relaxed atmosphere and yet another chance for meeting new people!

Chillout zone and delicious coffee

We know that the sessions are awesome but sometimes you simply need to chill out. That’s why we’ve prepared a special zone for you to charge your (and your smartphone’s) batteries. Also, there will be a really good coffee and some refreshing lemonade. Quite nice surrounding for making new friends!


This city rocks! The best networking happens in-between, so we encourage you to explore the place!


History bites


Plac Zamkowy 4

The Royal Castle in Warsaw is a former residence of Polish monarchs, now serving as a museum and an education center. The history of the building dates back to the 14th century, but its present shape is the result of a complete reconstruction, which was necessary after severe damages sustained during WWII. The castle is on the protected UNESCO World Heritage List.


Łazienki Park is a park-and-palace complex in the heart of Warsaw. It was named after the roman styled baths that were originally located there (łazienki means baths in Polish). The park was designed in the baroque era of the 17th century and later renovated in the classical style by the last king of Poland Stanisław August Poniatowski. You’ll find here i.a. the Palace on the Isle, an amphitheater or the Chopin's monument.


The top 10 things to do and see in Warsaw's Old Town

Old town is an absolute must-see and the oldest part of Warsaw. Take a stroll through medieval buildings, try some of the best polish cuisine in nearby restaurants or purchase some folk souvenirs. At the central part of the old town there’s a market square called Rynek—see if you can find the mermaid (symbol of Warsaw).

Cultural bites


Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20

Copernicus Science Centre is an interactive science museum located on the bank of the Vistula River. It’s the largest object of this type in Poland, containing over 450 exhibits, which combine various areas of science—such as maths, architecture, biology and even music. Become a part of an experiment, perform trials and experience the laws of science in person.


Roof Gardern

Dobra 56/66

This beautiful garden consists of two parts: the upper area and the lower area, linked by a fountain of cascading water. You won't be disappointed by the view: from the deck, you get a sweeping view of Warsaw, the Vistula river and the Świętokrzyski Bridge. Plus in the library building there’s a cheap student canteen, where everyone is welcome.


Soho Factory, Mińska 25

If you'd like to see something more than just historic architecture, we recommend Neon Museum located in the edgy Soho Factory building. The exhibition is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the Cold War era neon signs. Check out different neon specimens taken from Polish old-time shop windows.

Food bites


Koszykowa 63

The building of Hala Koszyki came to be in the early 1900s, however only a couple of years ago it has been renovated and became a lively place, serving food and drinks from all around the world. Here you’ll eat anything from a falafel, through mexican tacos to french crepes. Na zdrowie!



Marszałkowska 87

No better way to start a day than with a good coffee. Owners of Etno Cafe know it very well—they prepare their coffee from fresh arabica beans from Ethiopia. Etno has its own shop too, so you can drink a high-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home.



Nowy Świat 21

Raj (Polish for paradise) is a hawaiian restaurant located in the heart of Warsaw— at Nowy Świat street. It combines cuisines not only from Hawaii but also U.S. and Japan. Feel the magic of the tropics even on a gloomy day, thanks to the amazing food and interior design.

More details coming soon!