Disruptive conference powered by designers and developers.
Get to the core of everyday tech!

Technology is constantly redefining itself: from being exclusive to becoming mobile and perfectly integrated into our everyday life. We’re all in it: coding, designing, managing. MCE is unique in bringing together developers, designers, managers, decision makers and influencers. It is powered by people who create technology and want to share how it’s all done.

Offering 2 tracks: design and engineering, MCE allows to dive deep into practical aspects of creating mobile, VR, AR, IoT, AI, UI, UX and change the world tomorrow.

Stop wondering what’s next, join us in redefining tech!



How to create immersive experiences in VR&AR? What happens at the intersection of UX and Artificial Intelligence? What are the career options for UX designers? Our carefully crafted program covers inspiring overviews and a decent portion of best practices to use in your everyday work. Expect a broad choice of design-centered subjects and thought-provoking themes like big data, blockchain and inclusiveness presented by design experts from all around the world.


From mobile engineering to VR&AR development. The program will answer the most up-to-date questions faced by developers and other tech creators. We’ll get to the core of everyday tech exploring the themes of native development, artificial intelligence, cross-platform cooperation and more. Be sure to dive deep into the subjects and get practical insights that you’ll be able to apply in your work.


MCE 2018 gathers the brightest minds in the tech world. Learn new skills and get insights from experts and practitioners from all around!

Austin Beer
Experience Design Lead

Mike Alger
VR Designer

Damian Mehers
Xamarin consultant

Dave Hoffer
Head of Design, New Ventures
McKinsey and Company

Fernando Cejas
Developer Advocate

Jasson Schrock
Director and Head of Experience Design
BCG Digital Ventures

Joanna Chwastowska
Engineering Coach / Growth Manager
DeepMind Health

Learn new skills and engage in meaningful discussions. Exchange ideas and get concrete knowledge to improve your daily work, optimize your business and get your mind around the newest trends and disruptive ideas.

Dive deep into the subject and stay above to see it in a broader context. MCE values technological expertise and stays hungry for new ideas and perspectives.

We believe that mobile never dies, it just redefines itself and other technologies. We’ll focus on everyday tech that is close to us—and this usually means it’s a new mobile.


available till February 14th

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EUR 195

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available till June 5th

PLN 1390
EUR 335

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